Emirates and Etihad to have two in the cockpit at all times | The National

via Emirates and Etihad to have two in the cockpit at all times | The National.

This is very good to hear! I do not have a fear of flying, but I won’t lie and say all the media coverage in the last two years hasn’t made me squeamish. There are so many airline issues and mistakes due to pilots being brought up, but I don’t think this is the whole story in any way. Just like any other issue, the news is only focusing on the negative. How many airplanes take off, fly and land without any issues AT ALL? Thousands every day, all across the world.

Recently I was on a plane that had faulty landing gear that was only identified during decent. When the nose of the plane went from pointing down to pointing up, I knew something was not right. The pilot and the flight attendants immediately relayed information to the entire cabin and everyone knew that we would be okay. An extra half hour of circling above the airport as the pilot troubleshooted with those on the ground led to a safe decent and flawless landing.

So even when things aren’t perfect, most of the time, they get worked out by the professionals. Read the article above for more insight!

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