About Me

Hi! I am a travelling teacher. By that I DO NOT mean that I am one of those teachers forced to push-cart their way around the school. Instead, what I really get to do is teach my way around the world! I started my journey in the Summer of 2015 with my first international teaching gig in the UAE. The gig, my school experiences, the UAE in general as well as any other travels or adventures I get into will be documented here!

The main reason behind the creation of this site is to tell what in the world I’m doing (good and bad) so that ultimately others can be inspired to teach or travel or teach AND travel! While I have experienced both separately, I’ve never merged the two myself until now… So I guess you’ll hear firsthand how that goes!

Please feel free to comment or contact me with any ideas or questions. I am so excited about this journey and can’t wait for it to start, and I’m thrilled that you will follow along!

One Comment on “About Me

  1. I enjoyed the navigational experience really. As I have been searching throughout the internet, I can see that I need to utilize
    something apart from Tumblr. Thanks a lot for the eye opening experience


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