The Wandering Adjective


I have now lived in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for almost seven months. The honeymoon stage is over. I figured I would stop thinking, “Wow, this is your life? This is amazing though!” But I haven’t. I am really content with my life here, both professionally and personally. I have started to see the positives and the less positives, as anyone would when they move to a new place and accept… Read More

It’s been some time since my last post. I was recommended by multiple people to NOT write about the job for a few months. The UAE does not have the Freedom of Speech right that is given to many of us in the West. This has given me a chance to learn more about their culture and how to be respectful and still informative. I will be honest and post about my… Read More

So a Florida man dogged his employers, a U.A.E.-based company on Facebook while vacationing back home. When he returned to the U.A.E. to work, he was arrested for cyber slander. (Cyber slander. Yeah, it’s a Thing now.) Anyways, after a few months of headache, the charges were dropped. When I initially read about this on CNN I started to thinking about a few things. First, did this man not research the country he… Read More