The Wandering Adjective


It’s been some time since my last post. I was recommended by multiple people to NOT write about the job for a few months. The UAE does not have the Freedom of Speech right that is given to many of us in the West. This has given me a chance to learn more about their culture and how to be respectful and still informative. I will be honest and post about my… Read More

So a Florida man dogged his employers, a U.A.E.-based company on Facebook while vacationing back home. When he returned to the U.A.E. to work, he was arrested for cyber slander. (Cyber slander. Yeah, it’s a Thing now.) Anyways, after a few months of headache, the charges were dropped. When I initially read about this on CNN I started to thinking about a few things. First, did this man not research the country he… Read More

via Emirates and Etihad to have two in the cockpit at all times | The National. This is very good to hear! I do not have a fear of flying, but I won’t lie and say all the media coverage in the last two years hasn’t made me squeamish. There are so many airline issues and mistakes due to pilots being brought up, but I don’t think this is the whole story… Read More

The never ending paperwork! Get color copies of your passport page, color copies of you degrees and teaching certificate. Get them all notarized, send them to your state, get a unicorn to lick them and make sure they get to Teach Away by yesterday. Okay I am slightly exaggerating, but only slightly. Basically everything under the sun must be Xeroxed and scanned. However the most tedious is the process of getting the… Read More

Over Winter Break, frustrated and my heart feeling heavy about education I started looking at my options. What should I do from this point on? What can I do? After about three days of Google searches, I felt that my options were very limited if I wanted to stay where I was. I finally decided to look at what it would be like to teach internationally. I have tried for years to… Read More